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HomeCare Program

Many of our clients have asked that we continue our service beyond the construction of their home. For this reason, we have developed the Sea Island Builders HomeCare Program. The purpose of our HomeCare Program is two-fold; To keep your home looking as new as it did the day it was built and to offer you peace of mind and convenience upon returning home. To do this we offer the following services:

  1. Maintenance:
    1. Yard and landscape upkeep
    2. Regular pressure washing of exterior, windows, and porches
    3. Blowing of decks and pool areas
    4. Replacement of any bulbs and fixtures that warrant service or replacement
    5. Walk around inspections to determine potential problems and perform preventative maintenance
    6. Pool maintenance and supervision
  2. Convenience:
    1. Setting the thermostat prior to arrival
    2. Turning lights on and walk-around prior to arrival
    3. Curbside trash service and haul off

We are happy to continue serving our clients for the years to come. Nobody knows your home better, so let us continue to keep it "like-new" for you.