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Our Process

Custom Kitchen

Accountable. Whether we're building a new home from the ground up, renovating a home or working with a commercial client, “accountable” is the one word that best describes our process. We hold ourselves accountable for every expenditure and every action throughout the construction process.


  • Our “open book” accounting policy means that you will know how every dollar is spent. You will receive a copy of each invoice and receipt.
  • Our fee is determined at the time of contract. It will change only if you request construction changes on elements we've already completed or if you make changes in design that necessitate additional work of consequence on our part. Either way, we will discuss fee changes with you immediately and agree in writing before proceeding.
  • We do not mark up materials or subcontractor services. If you change your mind and go with more expensive countertops or a nicer refrigerator than you'd initially planned, you won't see a surcharge from us.
  • We set up a separate banking account for each project. You do not have to worry about the funds for your new home getting mixed up with monies for the renovation down the street.


  • We thoroughly review all line items and allowances with you in an effort to prevent unwelcome surprise expenditures during the construction process.
  • We use our extensive experience with “value engineering” to reduce costs when feasible without affecting quality.
  • If your construction or renovation plans and specs are not fully developed when you come to us, we can assist you with design ideas for all of your selections – from windows and doors to plumbing and fixtures all the way to cabinets and trim. We will coordinate and attend meetings with local vendors to offer input that will help you create a beautiful home that reflects your personality and keeps you on budget.
  • Rushed decisions often cost extra money, so we make sure selection meetings are set up well in advance of ordering deadlines. All decisions and selections you make will be thoroughly documented and communicated to all parties.


  • We avoid delays. Generally, preliminary budgets are complete by the time a contract is ratified, and we're ready to start work right away.
  • We know when various selections are needed during the construction process and which ones carry long lead times. We work with you and our suppliers to make decisions and place orders to ensure timely delivery.
  • We are on site at every project every day. There is no better way to guarantee quality. We are always available to you. If you live out of town, we will keep you updated with progress reports and photographs.
  • Our subcontractors are highly experienced, well established, and among the finest craftsmen in the Charleston area.
  • Shortly before your home or renovation project is complete, we will walk through the space with you. We will discuss home systems, provide a notebook of equipment warranties and owner manuals, and offer a list of subcontractors and their contact information.
  • As we walk through the home or renovated area, we will develop a punch list of remaining work items. Our clients are generally surprised at how short this list is. We will not accept our final fee payment until you are satisfied and your punch list is complete.
  • After project completion, we are available to assist with home maintenance questions and warranty issues. You’ve made a long-term commitment to your home, and so have we.