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Green Construction

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Sea Island Builders is conscious of our environmental footprint and strives to lessen our impact on the environment and on our natural resources. Sea Island Builders encourages our clients to incorporate as many green construction practices as possible into the design and construction of their homes. We work with our clients to inform them of alternative green materials in construction. In doing so, we build custom homes and renovate homes that support the health and wellness of the client, the community, and our environment.

ENERGY STAR PartnerENERGY STAR® Partner - Sea Island Builders earned an ENERGY STAR partnership label in 2012. In doing so, Sea Island Builders supports development and conservation strategies that helpprotect our natural environment whilemaking our clients homes more attractive. Sea Island Builders goes above and beyond in its practices dealing with thermal enclosures, waste management systems, HVAC quality and performance ratings, moisture management and protection, and in eliminating sources of radon and other pollutants inside your home.

AirPlusAirPlus - As a partner of the Indoor airPLUS program, our mission is to build healthy and comfortable homes. Sea Island Builders employs a variety of construction practices and technologies to increase the indoor air quality, above and beyond what local codes require in our homes. Construction specifications include advanced moisture and mold control, radon resistant construction, added pest barriers, effective heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, and safer combustion and healthier building materials. Ultimately, Sea Island Builder's commitment to a higher code of standards, ensures that our clients enjoy life in a safer, healthier environment inside their custom homes. Please see the AirPlus website for more information

WaterSenseWaterSense - Sea Island Builders is a partner in the EPA's WaterSense Program. Through education, Sea Island Builders can help manage and protect water resources and ecosystems through sustainable management of natural resources. WaterSense is a partnership program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to promote water-efficient products and practices across the country. By choosing to build a WaterSense compliant home, you are choosing to save water for future generations—and to save on your utility bill. Each American uses an average of 100 gallons of water a day at home. It may seem like a small amount but that equates to roughly 50,000 gallons per year. We can all use 30 percent less water by taking a few simple steps to use water efficiently. It starts by installing products that have earned the WaterSense label for water efficiency and high performance. Saving water also helps reduces the electricity needed to pump, heat, and treat the water. Protecting and preserving the nation's water supply is critical to our environment, and our health. For Sea Island Builder's clients, it means saving water for your family, the local community, and for future generations. It also means saving water now which equates to paying less for utilities every month while protecting resources. Choosing a home is an investment, and a WaterSense labeled home is a long-term investment in your future — and the planet. WaterSense labeled new homes are built to do more while using less water and energy.

USGBC - LEED Certification - Jeff Mathis and Jason Fowler are both scheduled for their final exams to become US Green Building Council LEED Green Associates with an additional accredition with a Specialty in Homes. Stay posted as we continue our eduction to be able to build healthier and greener for our clients. These certifications require 15-30 hours of ongoing education in LEED practices annually.

Lead SafeEPA Lead Safe EPA Certified Firm - Sea Island Builders is a Lead-Safe Epa Certified firm. The Sea Island Builder team has completed training to help in the identification of lead and lead substances on jobsite and to prevent lead contamination through the construction process. Safe guards include using additional work area containment systems and measures to prevent the spread of toxic lead dust and debris when present. After a renovation, all dust and debris are collected and properly disposed of and the walls cleaned by vacuuming and wiping. After cleaning, a certified inspector, is brought in to verify the effectiveness of the cleaning and that the job site meets the applicable standards. For exterior renovations, similar work practices are followed. There is additional paperwork that must be filed and retained for several years following completion of a project where lead is present. Most owners have no idea of the regulations and costs involved. Once informed, owners are happy to know that Sea Island Builders takes the added steps to protect them and their environment from contamination.

Sea Island Builders' goal is to create value by working with clients to make their homes and lives healthier. From green design practices to nontoxic and sustainable building materials, from better indoor air quality to water conservation, we educate our clients and let them decide how healthy and energy efficient we build their custom home.