Construction Company Charleston SC

Pre-Construction Services

Sea Island Builders' professional dedicated Pre-Construction Services team will direct the design and planning phase of the project. Sea Island Builders are luxury home builders that pay careful attention to every detail. The level of Pre-Construction Services that Sea Island Builders provides varies according the the unique needs of each project and client. The constant among our Pre-Construction Services are the results - detailed, accurate and complete data up front, allowing comprehensive and informed client decision-making, cost control, and schedule adherence.
 Sea Island Builders places great emphasis on custom home design and planning to ensure the greatest chance of a successful project delivery. Accurate estimating early is a key element of Sea Island Builders' Pre-Construction Services. Given very little detail, we can provide a an accurate estimate for a custom home build or renovation. Sea Island Builders maintains a database of up-to-date information on material costs and labor information. Historical data from projects is compiled from projects to build a comprehensive comparative data set to aid in the schematic budget creation for each project, This forward thinking approach allows Sea Island Builders to assist clients in decision making and save time and money on design, planning and construction. Budgets are continually updated throughout the planning phase as decisions are made which ensures a congruence between plans, budget, and the individual needs of clients.


Highlights of Sea Island Builders' Pre-Construction Services:

  • Looking at the Big Picture; the entire build process is thought through and details provided for the entire project; from design through construction
  • Detailed early estimates and cost control throughout planning
Accurate documentation and ongoing cost review
Value engineering for materials, construction methods, labor pools, and alternative means of construction
  • Realistic scheduling and adherence to schedule

  • Complete plans and specifications through rigorous plan review and subcontractor input leading to less change orders