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Incorporating Smart Home Technology into Coastal Living Spaces

By Teri Silver

Today's "smart" technology makes everyday living more comfortable and convenient. Buying or building a house with smart home technology is worth the extra money. Life is easier with a few high-tech creature comforts.

Climate control, home security, entertainment, laundry, dishwashers ... just about everything can be wired up for smart technology convenience. Coastal living never had it so good!

What Is It?

Smart home technology brings devices, home appliances, and gadgets together with wireless connectivity. When connected to the home Wi-Fi system, all devices communicate with each other through a hub or mobile phone application. The main component is a smart speaker you can ask to adjust a room's lighting, temperature, and so on.

Check out these cool upgrades that can put your coastal home at the top of its game.

Home Automation

Home automation systems are hubs that connect all of your smart devices — regardless of brand. They use home network connections, like broadband, ZigBee, Bluetooth, and Z-wave. The best automation systems use only one app to work with a variety of devices from different brands.

The modern home now uses smart smoke detectors, video doorbells, smart plugs, door locks, window blinds, thermostats, and lights. Among the ever-growing list are smart TVs, music systems, robotic vacuums, and just about anything else you can think of.

Top-rated home automation systems include Amazon Echo, Google Nest Hub, Wink Hub 2, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit.

Outdoor Automation

For the outdoors, robotic lawn mowers, fence security, pool heaters, and perimeter lights top the list. Houses that sit on coastlines in warm and cool climates benefit from automatic lawn sprinklers and gadgets that monitor the water in flower and vegetable gardens.

Tired of getting bitten by mosquitoes? Carbon dioxide mosquito traps can help take the bite out of mosquitoes when you're outside in your yard. These devices won't solve all your mosquito problems, but they will help keep them away from you and your family and pets.

Mosquito misting systems spray a repellant through a tube, with nozzles mounted on the house or fence, or within the landscaping. Misting systems are conveniently set on timers or remote controllers (like an app on your cell phone). Some systems use all-natural essential oil blends, including peppermint, lemongrass, citronella, and cedar oils. However, others spray chemical pesticides, so be sure to research which solution is best for you and your family.

Inside Gadgets

When your spouse asks if the back door is locked, wouldn't it be convenient just to check the app on your cell phone? Smart home technology will do that! The same thing goes for turning off lights and pulling window shades down. With a tap of the app on your cell phone, you can start the dishwasher, clothes washer and dryer, monitor water temperature, control the thermostat, and get a headstart on spring cleaning by activating your robot vacuum.

Humidity Monitoring

Coastal properties are susceptible to high amounts of dampness and humidity. Smart thermostats and humidity gauges regulate weather-changing temperatures in your South Carolina home. Humidity sensors help reduce the amount of energy needed to heat and cool the home. Smart thermostats will analyze room humidity levels and adjust themselves accordingly. Monitoring room temperatures lets you better control fungal growth and bacteria in the air.

Humidity sensors go a long way toward monitoring and controlling HVAC systems. With furnaces and air conditioning systems controlled by smart apps, you can monitor your home's air quality to reduce the risk of allergies and respiratory problems. Well-placed smart humidity sensors throughout the home help the HVAC system cut back on electricity usage, leading to lower utility bills.

Today's Home Buyers

The coast is a draw… who wouldn't want to live near the beach! Whether building or buying, real estate agents may tell you that the best homes are the ones that do all the work for you. While you cannot get away from basic house maintenance, smart gadgets do make things easier.

Today's home buyer embraces smart technology because cell phones are the central point of life. Buy smart! Thinking about building your dream home? The coast of Carolina awaits! Sea Island Builders will design and build your custom home, including all the best must-have smart home technology.

Teri Silver is a journalist and outdoor enthusiast. She and her husband live on 5 acres with a vast lawn, three gardens, a farm, a pond, many trees, and a lot of yard work! The best parts of the year are summer and fall when home-grown veggies are on the dinner table. 

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