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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist for Project Sites

On Saturday, August 31, 2019, Governor Henry McMaster declared a state of emergency in preparation for possible impact from Hurricane Dorian and urged South Carolinians to prepare.​ The executive order enables all state agencies to coordinate resources and sets into effect the State Emergency Operations Plan As such, Sea Island Builders is closely monitoring the path of the approaching storm and the potential impact hurricane Dorian could have on our surrounding communities and our project sites. We take this storm very seriously and have begun the process of securing our job sites to minimize any impact and damage from hurricane Dorian. The Home Builders Association of South Carolina provides an important checklist which we utilize to ensure our project sites are as safe and secure as possible. Below are the things Sea Island Builders is currently doing to prepare our sites for the impending storm:

Project Site Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

• Check with Local Building Departments

Many local building inspection departments office hours and inspection schedules may have changed significantly relative to Hurricane Dorian. Be prepared to amend inspections schedule as necessary.

• Secure Job Site Materials

Perform critical tasks, such as securing materials, trash, tools or other debris that can take flight in heavy winds, including items like dumpsters and portable bathrooms. Secure any construction equipment and materials that can be thrown around in a heavy windstorm.

• Prepare to shut down all operations at least 36 hours prior to impending landfall.

• Notify your subcontractors that you are calling a temporary halt to all work.

• Store all construction equipment and supplies inside buildings if possible.

• Tie down or band together all equipment, tools, supplies, and materials that cannot be secured indoors.

• Secure construction debris.

• Secure all signage safely indoors if possible or tie it down if it cannot be moved easily.

• Take a few moments to double check that all heavy-duty equipment and scaffolding supplies are properly secured to withstand the conditions a hurricane or strong storm will bring.

• Turn off the access points for all utilities, including power at the main panel and water at the meter.

• Make sure that the documentation for your valuables is securely locked away. Consider taking pictures on your phone for additional proof that you have certain possessions.

• Plan for Water Removal

Planning for water removal is key to protect the project site and adjacent properties. Consider placing pumps in excavations or basements in advance of the storm so that pumping can begin as soon as it's safe to do so. Getting rid of excess water in a timely manner is important for project cleanup

• Ensure the Security of the Structure

Once items on the periphery of the project are secure, it's time to safeguard the structure itself. If the work is a renovation - or if work has progressed on a new building to a point where water can significantly damage the interior - crews should board up any openings and accessible windows and place sandbags around the perimeter.

• Post Storm Assessment

When the storm has passed and local authorities have given the an all clear, it's time to return to the project site to assess damage and begin the clean up process. Exercise caution when navigating every area of the project site, especially those with standing water, as the accompanying sharp or jagged debris could pose a danger. It's also essential to use the same care when entering a building after a storm because, depending on the extent of the damage, some structural elements could be compromised. Be sure to have your insurance agents contact information on hand.

The safety and security of our team members and our project sites are of utmost importance to us. We are working diligently to ensure that necessary steps are taken to protect life and property. We are hoping for the best, but preparing for the opposite. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

For up to date information on Hurricane Dorian, please visit The South Carolina Emergency Management Division.

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