5 tips for selecting the right light fixtures for your home

Whether you've built a custom home or remodeled an existing, every homeowner knows selecting the right light fixtures for your home is one of the toughest stages of a project. Not only are there endless options of light fixtures to choose from, light fixture trends and technology are ever-changing and therefore makes it difficult to keep up with the latest. Where does one even start? Based on our deep experience of helping clients with the selection process, we have put together the following 5 tips for selecting the right light fixture for your home.

Tip #1 - Stay on theme

If you are working with a good custom builder, chances are there is an overarching theme to your custom home. If your theme is a whimsical beach house, you should not put in an edgy modern light fixture. That would simply confuse the house's theme. If you don't have a theme, pick a theme, and stick to it. Light fixtures are what everyone who walks in your home will see. Select the right light fixture for your home by sticking with the theme of your house and your guests will be impressed.

Tip #2 - When in doubt, stick to the classics​

If you're having trouble selecting the right light fixture for your home, stick to the classics. Regardless of your home, there are classic light fixtures for every type of architecture. Light fixtures tend to be expensive so if you aren't 100% certain about the new light fixture for your home, research some of the classic light fixtures people have used in the past for the type of home you are building, and go with it. Don't worry about copying others, they weren't the first ones to purchase that particular fixture and you won't be the last. 

Tip #3 - Ask your builder for help​

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to select the right light fixture for your home is trying to do it all by yourself. With retail sites like Amazon, Wayfair and many others readily available, many people think they can save money by selecting and purchasing the right light fixtures on their own. There are simply too many variables involved with selecting the right light fixture for your home to try and go at it alone. Variables like scale, ceiling heights, lumen output, and insulated or non-insulated ceilings are just a few. Again, light fixtures are expensive and the last thing you want is a tiny little fixture on a large wall because you thought the dimensions were large enough when you clicked "purchase." When selecting the right light fixture for your home, ask your builder, designer or architect for help. We are here to make sure you don't make those mistakes.

Tip #4 - More is more​

Another common mistake people make when selecting the right light fixture for their home is simply not having enough of them! Seeing the number of light fixtures on a plan is completely different then seeing them lit up in the actual finished space. Don't try to save money but cutting back on the number of light fixtures for your home. You won't be a happy camper when after building your beautiful new custom home, you have dark house at night. When in doubt, add that extra fixture.

Tip #5 - Keep in mind functionality​

Are you the type that can't stand a speck of dust? Well then an intricate light fixture with many places for dust to collect is probably not for you. Do you hate getting on a ladder to change light bulbs on a high ceiling? Then you should probably put LED bulbs in those particular rooms to decrease the frequency at which you have to change the light bulbs. When selecting the right light fixture for you home, think about the functionality of each light fixture. Look past the beauty and make a rational decision based on your needs and preferences.

We hope this helps! Light fixtures can truly make an ordinary house extraordinary. Follow our 5 tips for selecting the right light fixture for your home and we promise you'll be happy with the outcome.

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