Sullivans Island Addition

Are you considering a Sullivans Island Addition or Renovation? If so, the information below may be useful in your search to find the contractor that is best suited for your addition or renovation project.

First, do not hire a contractor or builder who is unfamiliar with working in the saltwater / barrier island environment of the coast ( Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Kiawah ). What you should do is inspect past jobs over a year since completion, to see how the project looks after time has passed. Does the new work or addition seamlessly tie in with the existing structure? Does everything appear to be aging properly? Look for small hints. Ask about the types of fasteners they use. Only stainless steel fasteners should be used for the siding and exterior trim of any Sullivans Island addition. Ask about the roof, the roof underlayment, and the warranty they carry. Not all underlayments are created equal and not all roofers or metal roof manufacturers will warranty their product when installed in a saltwater environment. Sea Island Builders is available 5 days a week to answer any questions you may have about your Sullivans Island construction project.

Sullivans Island Addition of Pool to Coastal Cottage

Sullivans Island Addition of Pool to Coastal Cottage

It is advisable to use an on-island based builder. The obvious items such as having a good working relationship with town officials, inspectors, and being familiar with the building code always applies. Not only this, builders based on Sullivans Island pay reduced permitting fees...actually that is not 100% accurate. An on-island builder pays 1/2 of the "business license" update fee to the Town of Sullivan's Island. Every Sullivans Island additional project requires the builder's license to be updated and this cost is always passed along to the client (rightly so, as it is part of the cost directly associated with the project). Long story short, if you choose to hire an on-island contractor or builder, you are already saving on the permitting fees associated with the job. On a large addition or renovation project, this could be as much as $5,000 that stays in the client's pocket.

Sullivans Island Addition Attic Renovation of Unfinished Attic Space

Sullivans Island Addition Attic Renovation

Check around town and ask for references. Any reputable builders should be able to provide a list of references with projects completed on the islands. Do your homework and this will eliminate 90% of the bad builders from your search.

Below is an exterior picture from a Sullivans Island Addition and Renovation Project by Sea Island Builders. Do not hesitate to contact Sea Island Builders if you would like to schedule a tour of one of our island addition projects.

Coastal Cottage - A Sullivans Island Addition and Renovation Project

Sullivans Island Addition to Cottage

If you need help with the first step in your journey, contact Sea Island Builders.


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