Sullivans Island New Custom Home

Sea Island Builders is well underway on the construction of a Sullivans Island new custom home for a local client. This Sullivans Island new custom home is designed by Swallowtail Architecture. There are many uniquely custom features of this home that make it special. We will discuss a few below.

For starters, this home features three very different siding profiles that all tie together to create a beautiful exterior profile. Not many homes on Sullivans Island are utilizing many options when it comes siding installation. There are plenty of new custom homes with traditional lap siding and without a doubt this is a classic look. This particular Sullivans Island new custom home incorporates a small amount of horizontal Hardie lap siding into the design. However, more predominant is the vertical shiplap siding profile that is created using wide Hardie battons attached to a waterproof backer with a layer of moisture breathing membrane behind it. This type of profile is not easy to create, but done correctly, it looks amazing and is extremely durable and watertight. The picture below illustrates the home as the siding is near 50% completion.

Siding profiles of Sullivans Island New Custom Home

Sullivans Island New Custom Home

Notice the vertical lap siding on the front of the master bathroom with Hardie shake installed in the gable end. Horizontal Hardie Artisan lap siding can be seen along the left side of the home going back towards the marsh. All the facia, band boards, and window and door trimmed are pre-primed on all 6 sides prior to installation. This allows one extra level of added moisture protection to make sure that the wood trim is preserved for as long as possible.

The window and door package for this Sullivans Island new custom home is provided by Kolbe. The exterior are dark bronze with the interior a pre-primed white. This is efficient as it allows less work for the painter and creates a uniquely custom look from the exterior with no added cost.

Feel free to call the Sea Island Builders main office at 843-883-7430 if you would like to discuss methods of construction or any upcoming projects that we may be able to assist with.

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