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Raising History: Breaking Ground on a Historic Project on Sullivan's Island

Project Raising History Raising History: Breaking Ground on a Historic Project on Sullivan's Island, SC

Sea Island Builders is thrilled to officially announce our newest project, a historical renovation and addition on Sullivan's Island we are calling project Raising History. This historic home with a storied past has undergone various renovations over the years, with the original structure dating back to ...

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Meet the Architect: A Conversation with Charleston Architect Anita King

Charleston Architect, Anita King Charleston Architect, Anita King

Anita King knew she was going to become an architect at the ripe old age of 12 years old. "My dad is a surveyor, so I was introduced to architecture plans and drafting at an early age," she recalls. She never wavered from her goal and went on to earn her Architecture Design degree from Clemson University. Fresh out of college, she worked at DP3 Arc...

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Sea Island Builders Achieves State Awards for Best New Home Construction and Best Remodel


Sea Island Builders was recognized recently as one of the best home builders and remodelers in South Carolina. Home building industry professionals were awarded the most prestigious awards for construction excellence by the Home Builders Association of South Carolina (HBASC). Award recipients were selected by an independent panel of experts who con...

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Preventing Cost Overruns in Residential Construction Projects: How Proper Planning Can Help Keep Your Project on Budget

seaisland-16 Proper planning ensures your construction project stays on budget

A cost overrun is a term commonly used throughout the construction industry. But what does it mean for the average homeowner looking to begin a residential construction project? Simply put, a cost or budget overrun is an unexpected cost, mostly due to an underestimation or excluded item during the budgeting process. Keeping a project on budget is o...

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Best Windows for Coastal Homes


 It's all about the view! Many people choose to live on the southeastern coast for its temperate climate and variety of amazing settings.  Whether marsh, ocean-front, deep-water, or small tidal-creek, each unique location provides different but equally beautiful views. Among the many considerations must be ma...

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